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Was your Hawaii home built before 1970? Here is the bad news.

If you are a Hawaii homeowner in a home built before 1970, here is the bad news.
Your home is probably single wall and poorly designed.  It is most likely made with redwood, but with untreated framing which means over time termites and wood rot will take its toll on the framing.
If you have cast iron and galvanized pipes they will deteriorate and eventually need to be replaced with Plastic and Copper AVS.
If you have louvered or jalousie windows you probably have already noticed they cause water damage, costly utility bills, and security problems over time.
The roofs were mostly pitch and gravel, so they don’t  allow for drainage and have no hurricane anchors and ties to protect them from damage.
Bad foundations are common, if you are noticing cracks in your walls or uneven door frames, you will have to eventually deal with your foundation problems.
And the floor plans that were often designed for single family living leave you no room to grow or accommodate aging in place.
These are the most common reasons Hawaii homeowners start needing to consider remodeling or rebuilding so the faster you start dealing with these issues before they become critical the better.
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  1. Lia
    Lia says:

    Yes, all the above describes the house . Its better to tear Down and rebuild. Do you do concrete homes. Modern , clean lines , polished cement floors

  2. J. Gonzaga
    J. Gonzaga says:

    That is so true my parents house is exactly that. It’s bad, my pops thinks it’s okay but I know it needs alot of work or needs to be torn and rebuild. The termites is eating my parents out of their house. Im afraid one day someone may fall through the floor. My pops is a stubborn guy he’s retired and just stuck in his ways but Im still trying to convince him to do one or the other…

  3. Jim
    Jim says:

    After 30 years on the island I’m still amazed at how these old homes were/are built. Iniki exposed not only the flaws of these old homes, but of the building codes from the “pre-Iniki era”.


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