Trust your contractor


Clear lines of communications between you as the homeowner and your contractor are a vital part of any home improvement project.   For every one to be on the same page as to the cost, timelines and any unforeseen contingencies that may occur during the course of construction is a sure formula to a satisfied experience.   This insures that you receive a completed project on time and on budget.

You may do all your due diligence when selecting a contractor for your new home improvement project and still miss one of the most important aspects that is often overlooked.   How are the communication skill and the relationship you have with your contractor.   The relationship between the contractors along the lines of every aspect of the project is vital. Select your contractor on trust; trust that he will give you a quality product at an honest amount.   You build a relationship during the build and far after the home is complete and after you have delivered the final payment.  Trust that the contractor will not sweep a problem under the rug for you as the owner to deal with far after the warranty period is done

It starts at your first meeting with the contractor.

Does the company representative have your best interest in mind?   You should be able to trust a contractor enough so that when you reveal a budget, he will maximize your house, not his profit.   The initial estimate should not be misleading or vague this number should be a consistent number as a basis to work from for your home project.   This is where the discussion of timeline to complete the project should be approached.   If at all possible before building you should be provided with a schedule that is complete with all the different scopes of work and dates of start and completion that is involved in your project.

Construction is not an exact science so taking that into account be aware of contingencies that may arise during the course of construction.  If some unforeseen item comes up how will it be addressed?   Your relationship with your contractor and the lines of communications should be clear in this regard.   Builders make judgment calls as to critical processes within your home that majority of homeowners may not know, you would hope to trust your contractor to make the correct decision for your benefit, to not just pass code for a quick profit. Change orders, once you sign the initial contract, you are almost bound to deal with the contractor to pay what he will charge to do changes.

You need to trust that you will not get raked over the price.

This is a formula for a successful and memorable experience that will leave you completely satisfied with your home project. Remember this is an important step for you and your family.   The contractor that takes you through this journey should have your best interest at heart.   As a home owner, you don’t have the time or the experience to understand the full construction process, you want to be sure you get quality work at a fair price.  

Short of hiring outside counsel, hire a contractor you feel comfortable with and more importantly one you can trust!

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