Hawaii Kitchen Remodel

Trends in Hawaii Kitchen Redesign

Hawaii Kitchen RemodelIn Hawaii, the kitchen is a place where families gather and memories are created, it is the vibrant heart of any home.  If your kitchen feels tired and worn out when you enter it, maybe it’s time to consider a kitchen redesign. Check out these exciting trends:

Going contemporary

Choosing a contemporary style for your kitchen means you don’t have to add a lot of detailed trim work or fancy cabinetry. Instead, the look is sleek and simple. This modern aesthetic has been growing in appeal for years, and it’s a great choice for many reasons. Clean lines and open spaces draw the eye to our beautiful Hawaiian outdoors, and invite guests and family members onto a deck or lanai to enjoy soft breezes or a perfect sunset.

Contemporary-style cabinets are either very dark, or white, with neutral or metal fixtures in straight lines and contrasting angles. Stainless steel appliances are the norm, although it’s becoming increasingly popular to hide them away behind panels or veneers.

Opening up spaces

Instead of adding space to your kitchen with a room addition, consider opening up the space that’s already there. Vaulted ceilings and sliding glass doors are great ways to create a spacious ambiance without adding on. And make that existing space work harder! You can add storage space with clever touches that serve dual purposes ‒ for example, a center island with built-in cabinets below, or a rollaway dishwasher with a handy butcher block top.

Finishing touches

The days of the Formica countertop are over ‒ long live porcelain and ceramic slab countertops that mimic the look of marble and granite! And for a truly sleek look that’s also practical and easy to clean, consider adding glass splashbacks behind stoves and sinks. Other touches that are gaining in popularity include the stainless steel vent hood in striking angular designs, and equally eye-catching modern faucets.

The modern American kitchen is more casual, more spacious, and easier on the eye than popular designs of the past. If these design trends have you hungering for a new kitchen, give the experts at Atlas Construction a call! We’d love to create the perfect contemporary kitchen for you.

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  1. Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson says:

    I agree that Hawaiian kitchen is the vibrant heart of any home. I’m planning to remodel our kitchen soon and a Hawaiian aesthetic would be a great idea. I’ll do my best to get Hawaiian quilts, fabrics, decorations, and the likes to maximize the appeal. Thanks for the great read!


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