Standard Materials

Standard materials can differ from one contractor to another. This selection can make the difference in not only the cost of construction at the time of build but also the cost of maintenance and the lifespan of the material in your new home improvement project.

When interviewing your contractor, ask them they look for in a standard material. The answer you want to hear is low maintenance and long life span.

The difference in building materials are not only in the material itself but within the same item they are more likely different levels to choose from. One that is very common is granite counter tops. I am sure you have seen granite counter tops in the classified ads for a low cost.

But did you know that there are different levels of granite and the grade of the material highly influences the cost?

You want a contractor that uses standard materials grade A granite for all our home improvement projects. Because when you use an inferior grade of a building material for your standard components this lowers the initial cost at construction. When you take this action throughout the whole project the overall contract price becomes lower. The problem arises overtime the maintenance cost and lifespan of your project lessens. This means that each component with sub standard grade of materials needs to be either repaired or replaced.

So the overall cost becomes higher for your construction project.

Be sure to choose a contractor that uses high to medium high grade of components throughout their building design. This gives you the added value of knowing that the cost of their construction is built to last with a low maintenance and long lifespan of building materials.

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