Designing the Perfect Room

Coming home to the perfect space means letting go of the daily stress and finding your happy place. For many, that can be a beautiful room such as a bedroom, living room, lanai, family room or even a home office.

Things to remember when designing:

  • Purpose of room
  • Temperature
  • Location
  • Color pallet
  • Lights

Let’s determine the perfect size, location, temperature, color and brightness of your new space. If you can figure out what you will do in the room, you can have a better idea of the dimensions needed. Is this your personal space or a family room?

Figuring out the size will help when we start to look at the location of your space in the home. A family room may need to be closer to the kitchen and entryway. A personal office or area to unwind may be best suited in a quiet part of the house. This privacy will provide a bit of a retreat for those stressful days at work.

Why is the time of day important?

The weather in Hawaii is usually above 74 degrees, so if you are using your space for a home office or family room, think about your needs such as air conditioning or open windows and sunlight. There are also many types of lighting to consider such as ambient, accent, natural and the list goes on. For lighting, check online or try open houses in the area as you can find ideas that match your budget by doing your homework.

Here’s the fun part: when you close your eyes and think about your new room, what do you see? Is your room a quiet, calming space with tranquil music and a water feature? Maybe your space blends in with the tropical surroundings and lush plants that adorn the front of your sage colored walls. If palm trees and ocean breezes are best kept to the outdoors. Think about what type of furniture you would enjoy and the colors that will entice you to spend time relaxing.

After you have written down the answers to the questions above, gather photos and put it tougher on a poster board. Have fun with it and view it from the eyes of a designer. Storyboard your ideas, place the photos on different color swatches from a paint store. Create a HOUZZ  profile and catalog your favorite designs.  Remember, this is your room…Enjoy it.

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