Design your dream home

Design Your Dream Space Around The Most Used Room In The House.

At the very end of the popular 90’s movie, “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, a man walks in front of the camera yelling to anyone within ear shot, “What’s your dream?” Gere hands Roberts a bushel of roses and sweeps her off her feet.

It is unlikely that one of those famous actors will adorn your Hawaii home, but you never know so you may want to start thinking about what is your dream space? For most it is the kitchen, a space where people can gather at a bar like area and sit on bar stools. Where you can talk while preparing food or putting groceries away. The kitchen needs to be functional. No out of the way tiny spaces that serve no other purpose than to gather dust and little bugs. Everything should be within reach and easy to see when you open a cupboard door. Glass cupboards are fabulous for visual people as everything is easily organized when you know where it belongs.

Designing your space around your favorite space in the house means some deep thinking. Take a moment to do a walk around in your mind of your new home. How does it look, feel and smell. This may seem odd, but it’s really not that strange if you think about it.

One of our homeowner told us a story about how they moved into a wonderful home near the beach; only to find out that the walls were paper-thin. They could hear everything from outside of the house such as traffic, people walking by and dogs barking. What happened to life in paradise?

Before you get started on planning your home, do research. What would your ideal home look like? Find photos of something similar. Houzz is an excellent tool, it allows you to create an entire visual profile of the things you like. You can give that to your contractor and they will have a good idea of what your style is. There are also excellent floor plan drawing apps that allow you to draw out your own floor plans. Walk yourself through a day in the life. How would it feel to wake up in your perfect home? Would you mind traffic or dogs barking? How would it smell? Do you want fresh breezes or air conditioning? Airflow determines the type of windows and the layout of the home. Here in Hawaii, airflow can make a big difference especially if you are located in the valleys versus the ridges.

As Julia Roberts said in the movie, “I want the whole entire dream and the picket fence. I want it all”. With a little preparation, you can live that dream.

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