Hawaiian wood floors

Custom Floors that Showcase Your Personality

custom floors hawaiiIf your floors are looking worn, you may think about trying something new instead of just replacing or fixing up what you currently have with more of the same. Custom flooring can give your space that one-of-a-kind feel whether you are planning to sell or just want to make an impression for your guests.



Wood is popular all over the U.S., but with variations in the type of wood chosen. Choose exotic woods that complement the rest of your home, such as tigerwood and cumaru. You also have the choice between engineered or handcrafted woods, depending on your budget. While maple and oak are beautiful and solid sellers, selecting something more exotic and unique makes your home stand out.

You also have to consider the practical side of your choice. The humidity in Hawaii make some woods impractical while others stand up to the extremes within the climate. This is one of the reasons engineered wood is a popular choice.

If you are wondering about color for your wood floors, consider a gray-tinged wood. It has become a well-known option that matches with almost any color in your home. It allows you to update the rest of your space without the need to replace the floors with every remodel.

Hawaiian wood floorsConcrete

Concrete is a practical choice for many Hawaiian homes. It is durable, long-lasting and can hold up to the weather on the island with very little damage. Furthermore, it can be a beautiful choice with the addition of overlays designed to create a lovely finish. Another option is to stain your concrete floors to give them a new look.Concrete overlays and stains stand up well even in heavy traffic areas and can handle all kinds of weather. You don’t have to settle for plain grays if your personality leans more to vivid colors and bold tones. On the other hand, soft neutrals can provide a soothing atmosphere that you liven up with color in other ways. You are also not limited to a single color, but can find patterns that appeal.

Concrete is resistant to mold and won’t wear out. It is also the ideal choice for people with allergies.

Because of all of the designs that can be achieved with overlays and stains, you can have a floor that is fitting for your personality. It is a wonderful way to create a custom floor while being eco-friendly.

Because it is a natural material that is inexhaustible, you don’t have to worry about using up precious resources. It can last a lifetime with changes in the design as you want to update your space.

Create a custom look in your home by choosing floors that showcase your personality and fit your Hawaiian lifestyle. Look for something easy to care for, beautiful and durable so you can spend more time enjoying your home instead of fixing it up. Floors make a big statement so spend the necessary time to ensure you make the right choice.

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