Choosing the Right Direction for Your Addition: the Pros and Cons of Up and Out

In the initial stages of planning an addition for your Hawaii home, you’ll run into the thorny question: which is better, building up, or building out? Each choice has its own advantages and disadvantages, and at Atlas Construction we’ve seen them all. Here are a few points to consider as you’re making your decision.

Ground floor additions

If you have an extra big lot, building out might very well be your best choice. Adding on to your home at ground level is definitely the less expensive option. It’s also much less intrusive and a lot less hassle while construction is going on.

On the other hand, if your lot isn’t especially big, you might not be able to add on as much space as you’d planned. You can also be strictly limited by local regulations or permitting considerations. It’s also risky to cut back on the size of your yard, especially if you have small children who like to play outdoors. And if you’re considering selling your home in the future, a tiny back yard or the lack of a garage could have a negative impact on your ability to sell.

Second floor additions

In addition to being the more expensive option, building up can often involve removing all or part of your home’s roof during construction. This makes the construction process a lot more difficult for you and your family. Another challenge is the placement of the stairs to the second floor. A safe, accessible stairway requires a lot of space, including landings at the top and the bottom.

On the plus side, you can get a lot more space if you choose to build up. It’s possible to plan a full master suite, complete with bedroom, bath, and walk-in closet. The second floor provides you with a great view, and better access to cooling sea breezes. And if you really love the view, you can add a private deck to your second-story retreat.

Your best bet is to think carefully about your reasons for needing a home addition. When you’ve sorted out your priorities, meet with the professionals at Atlas Construction. We’ll help you choose the right direction for your addition, and create the perfect space for you and your fam

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