Choosing the Best Glass Options for Your Window

Hawaii windowsWhen choosing windows, you often think of the type of frame or shape you want. However, the choice is glass is just as important. Here is a look at some options you have and how they work in homes.


Low-E windows are ideal when you want to allow sunlight in your home without feeling the effects of the ultraviolet and infrared light. They minimize the amount that gets in the home without reducing the  level of natural light you have in a room.  This type of window contains a thin metal coating that is extremely transparent. It is even thinner than a human hair and almost invisible.



This type of window is basically the same as Low-E window, except with a double coating. In theory, it is supposed to be even more efficient to help keep your home cool. You can even find windows with LowE3 and 4 for even more protection.


Laminated Glass

Laminated glass uses two pieces of glass with a layer of vinyl in the middle. This design makes it more durable than other types of glass. When it does break, it is less likely to shatter. This is especially important with heavy storms that can break glass and cause serious damage. It is also provides better security than other types of glass because it cannot be cut from the outside. Another benefit of laminated glass is that it reduces the noise from outside. This is especially beneficial in bedrooms and other quiet areas or if your home is near a construction area, airport or busy highway. UV light is blocked, which reduces fading on carpet and furniture.


Tinted Glass

Another option is to purchase tinted glass that helps prevent UV rays from coming in. You can either buy tinted glass or tint it yourself after purchase. Tinted windows are ideal for rooms that face busy streets or in a bathroom or bedroom to provide privacy. They can last for years. Another benefit with this typeof window is that it adds a second layer of protection from broken glass with storms and other damage.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is lovely to look at but it isn’t practical for homes that live in an area that has serious storms. It can break much easier than laminated glass, but is often less expensive. It is also not as secure, but works well in certain areas such as out on a patio. If you love the look, you may want to elect one area to include it and use other windows in the rest of the house.


Choosing the Right Window

When selecting the right window to update your home, you have several things to consider. One thing you have to decide is how important energy efficiency is to you. If you live in a noisy area, this may also be an important factor in your final decision. Blocking UV rays to prevent fading and damage to your furniture and floors may also be an essential consideration. Security is often a prime component for many window choices. If you live in an area where you worry about safety, a window that prevents break-ins can be beneficial. It also provides additional protection if it is not easily broken from storms.

With numerous window choices, finding the right one is often a matter of choosing your priorities. Of course, having them properly installed is also an important part of the process. Then you can focus on enjoying your new windows for many years.

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  1. Olivia Nelson
    Olivia Nelson says:

    I like your idea of considering energy efficiency when looking for glass. I would imagine that if energy efficiency is important you would want to find a glass style that works well with that. I’m looking for new windows so I’ll have to consider how energy efficient they are before I buy them.


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