Choosing Multi-family Homes over Single Family

Multi-family homes have become an increasingly growing real estate trend in Hawaii. Soaring production of multi-family homes has taken place nationally, but the surge has been truly apparent in Hawaii. The fast pace of new construction on multi-family homes has been driven in part due to lack of available land. However, there are also other reasons behind the boost in popularity of multi-family homes in Hawaii.

Increased Consumer Demand

The housing crisis and subsequent years of economic downturn have resulted in lower levels of homeownership, especially for younger households. This has resulted in increased demand for rental units and has also driven demand for multi-family construction. There has been huge growth in multi-family construction as many see it as an ideal investment opportunity.

Consumer demand for multi-family homes is certainly on the rise. Many experts actually see this as a telltale sign that the local economy in Hawaii is strengthening. More and more young buyers are seeking out multi-family homes as a way to enter the real estate market.

A Great Option for All Stages of Life

Buying into a multi-family home in Hawaii, such as a pre-construction condo, gives young workers access to a great quality of life. Young buyers are often able to live in a walkable area and may get by without purchasing a car. This allows young buyers to put a larger share of savings into property.

Multi-family homes are also a great option for retired people who want to live in the city. Many retired people appreciate the ability to be near medical care and also the freedom to get around without driving. The ability to live without a car is an attractive option for people of all ages, and purchasing a multi-family home in Honolulu would certainly afford people that option.

Better Design

Increasingly, multi-family homes are being designed to have the feel of a single family home. Multi-family builders are taking into consideration the way that many people actually want to live in their homes. That means that despite the generally smaller space, the intelligent use of design principles is bringing fresh life to the multi-family concept. Clean-lines and smart accents can make a condo a space that anyone would love. Home-improvement projects for multi-family homes should take into consideration the same kinds of design principles that you would use for a single family home, simply on a smaller scale.

Shared Spaces

Many multi-family home developments offer shared spaces that can increase the quality of life of the purchaser. These spaces can include areas such as a rooftop lanai. Adding a rooftop lanai to a multi-family home gives buyers the opportunity to enjoy the warm trade winds of Hawaii, without having to deal with any outdoor maintenance.

A Great Investment

Multi-family homes are on the rise in Hawaii. Investing in these properties has a number of benefits. Multi-family homes are actually considered to have a lower cost of maintenance than single family investment properties. This is because management costs can often be consolidated. They are also available at a lower price per unit, when compared to purchasing multiple single-family homes. Multi-family homes are a great option for anyone in Hawaii, whether you are looking to rent, purchase, or invest.