Building Green in Hawaii

“We are able to harness the energy available from the sun.”

Building Green has been the buzzword for the construction industry for the last few years.

Atlas Construction has been designing our new homes and additions with the traditional island design practices that have taken advantage of our temperate island climate.  This inherent design strategy comes from the experience that we have acquired in our four generations of building homes for the families of our island state. The time for energy efficiency in our homes have arrived.

We have recently had a change in building codes that promote this energy efficiency guideline. From insulation of our new homes to better cool down the interior space naturally to also the requirement of Solar Thermal water heating systems for all new homes.

With the advent of new technologies and the high cost of electricity we are at a pivotal time for Building Green. We have a distinct advantage here in our island home building to be Solar power is a renewable energy source that we have in abundance here in Hawaii.

The new Photovoltaic systems allow us to easily and seamlessly produce energy on our rooftops. Atlas Construction will be implementing a new energy audit system. This will calculate your new home energy use. With the right electrical fixtures and appliances we will be able to lower a new home energy needs. This will provide an option for a photovoltaic system correctly
designed with the new lowered energy needs.   This along with the green designs already incorporated in our new homes makes for an energy efficient home.

Atlas Construction is taking the steps necessary to fulfill our states goal for energy sustainability. Our new energy audit along with our new energy saving components in all our new home designs will dramatically change the cost of energy for our families.

To further increase the energy savings a solar photovoltaic system can also be designed into your new home.

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