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Meet the Atlas Construction Ohana

4th generation home builders. It is all about the family!

Atlas Construction is a local company that stems from 4 generations of general contractors on this island that gives us a unique dynamic of family at the core of the business.  Not only is it the family members in the company that all strive to produce excellent customer service to the families we build for but the idea of taking each family into our “ohana” and showing them that we truly care and treat each house as if it were our own. One of our greatest rewards have been the lasting relationships we’ve created with our families, down to our 1st homeowner that still visits the office often just to catch up.  And our long lasting work relationships with vendors and sub-contractors that has allowed for more competitive pricing and consistency in the final product.

“Construction in nature is inherent to problems arising but we are excellent problem solvers and that’s where we really shine” says President Bruce Kim.

Bruce Kim

Bruce Kim

President / RME

Bruce Kim has been in the construction industry for 26 years and built hundreds of homes. Bruce is a 4th generation builder in Hawaii who, without much choice, gladly followed in the footsteps of his previous generations. When Bruce started Atlas Construction, he did so with the idea that he wanted to change the perception of a “Contractor” and how people viewed them, his mission has always been of great customer service and fair dealings. Bruce started his construction career in the field as a laborer and worked his way to become a carpenter, “he was placed in the field so that he can know and understand every facet of the industry with hopes that he will become a good leader” said his Grandfather.

Today Bruce is highly involved with every facet of Atlas yet he still manages projects as one of Atlas’ 4 Project Managers. Bruce is on a constant journey to further his knowledge in the industry, he travels throughout the United States to trade shows and workshops in a quest to deliver the best possible product to Atlas clients. “Construction is an ever evolving industry, you must keep up with the technology in order to provide your clients with the best value for their dollar” says Bruce.

“I love the relationships we build with our clients. We go through a journey with all our clients, probably one of the client’s largest investments they will make in their lives. We get to know our clients very well, to the point where we are almost like a family, we hug, we laugh and we enjoy the process. When we get close to our clients, we want the best for them and it shows, the clients recognize if someone is genuine or not”

Rance Tabangay

Rance Tabangay

Senior Project Manager

Rance is the Senior Project Manager for Atlas Construction and an integral part in building quality homes. Having started in the construction industry since Rance, graduated from high school, He’s been able to accumulate over 20 years’ of experience. Starting from being a expediter to being a journeymen carpenter for the Hawaii’s Carpenter Union. Rance, has been able to have “hands on” experience of what works and what doesn’t work in the field. Rance’s professionalism , knowledge, and experience comes from working in a managing position on various sized government projects ranging from being a foremen on $20,000 -$1,000,000 jobs to supervising a couple of $30 million+ projects. Rance also continues to improve upon his skills by regularly attending classes or trainings put together by the product manufacturers or by the building department to stay abreast of the new codes that affect the way a house is built. Closing that chapter of his life and now being a project manager for the last 8 years, here at Atlas Construction, Rance has dedicated his life to building quality homes for the families of Oahu.

Rance’s hobbies outside of work include family time, various martial arts disciplines, and raising 4 children.

Joshua Vasconcellos

Joshua Vasconcellos

Project Coordinator

Joshua Vasconcellos is a project coordinator for Atlas Construction and has been with the company since the inception. He is one of the founding family members of Atlas and is also an Aging in Place and Universal design specialist. Joshua has received multiple certifications recognized by the NAHB and will be receiving his Master Builder designation this year. His most recent certification is in Advanced Green building Science and Risk management in 2016.

“Helping families achieve their dreams is what fuels my passion for construction. What I enjoy the most about working in construction is helping families construct a new home, addition, or just updating the current finishes and seeing their smiles of gratitude when the job is complete.”

Joshua is a very active parent in all of his children’s lives and coaches all of his kids youth sports. Spending time with his family brings him the most enjoyment along with watching his favorite NFL team.

Rodeny Kim

Rodeny Kim

Vice President

Rodney Kim is one of the family members and also the Vice President of Atlas construction. He also facilitates in designing of homes with families and oversees the marketing department. Rodney served in the air force as an avionics technician which piqued his interest in becoming an electrician. After his service in the air force Rodney became a graduate of Hawaii State Electricians Apprenticeship Program and worked as a Journeymen electrician for a number of years until he realized he enjoyed designing more than working as an electrician. He also continues his education in the construction industry and has completed multiple courses in anticipation of receiving national recognition in various designations such as “Certified Green Builder”.

Designing of living spaces is Rodney’s passion. “I like to take a family’s needs and use of space to tailor a home layout that works for their specific purpose.” Rodney’s philosophy in designing a custom home is that it does not have to be one that costs a lot of money, rather one that fits the use and needs of the family.

Rodney’s interests outside of work include reading fictional novels; he’s a tech geek, dragon slayer, and cigar aficionado.

Jeremy Abe

Jeremy Abe

Project Manager

Jeremy has amassed over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the construction industry. Jeremy developed a strong passion for the construction industry when starting hands on building and as a result found fulfillment doing so. His dedication and devotion come from his passion of building. His satisfaction comes from knowing that the final completion of a project will bring joy to the clients now and in the future.

With all his years in construction he has also become certified as a lead renovator and a certified heavy equipment operator.

Jeremy has been a close family friend of over 20 years and his hobbies include automobile restoration
and furniture building.

Nathan Park

Nathan Park

Project Coordinator

Nathan is a project coordinator and designer for Atlas Construction. Nathan has worked “hands on” in multiple professions within the construction and real estate sectors.

“I have been in the construction industry for over 20 years and my family has been doing real estate and real estate developing for 4 generations. I understand not only project designing but also project budget analyzing.”

Nathan’s aim and passion is to coordinate a homeowners project needs in specializing the design of the project to get the most out of their budget from the start of the initial consultation, to the beginning of the project design, and to the completion of the projects construction.

Former Loan Officer, Real Estate Graduate, Graduate of Hawaii State Mason Apprenticeship Program, Ranked 1st place in Hawaii’s 1st Annual State Wide Contest, Mason Journeyman, Mason Foreman, Former Medical Technician in Coordinating Home Care Needs in Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Home Care Medical Equipment, Former Certified Technician Everest & Jennings Power and Manual Wheelchair.

Nathan’s free time includes Serving God by giving ministries at his house and spending time with his children doing ocean activities.

Reyna Kim

Reyna Kim

General Manager

Reyna Kim is the General Manager and one of the founding family members of Atlas Construction. She is an integral part of the Administrative branch and keeps multiple facets of the company together. Reyna has been working in the administrative sector for over 15 years, starting in healthcare then over to construction. Bringing her skills attained in healthcare administration has allowed Atlas to maintain operations at such a high level.

“Construction is in my DNA I think my brothers may have been born with a hammer and blueprints and my first word could have very well been construction.” Reyna enjoys being a part of the building process and being able to play a part whether big or small in the realization of someone’s dreams coming to life when they build their home. Highlighting moments for Reyna are,” working with my family, having the ability to see my brothers and cousins on a daily basis and keeping our family ties close.”

Outside of work Reyna juggles a busy family life and spends most of her time tending to her 5 kids and the various activities they participate in.

Alan Twu

Alan Twu

Project Coordinator

Alan is a project coordinator for Atlas Construction and is also a licensed general contractor. HE was raised on the island of Oahu and grew up around construction. He has worked in the construction trades since he graduated high school. Alan continues to educate himself within the industry to stay relevant to the needs of the people in Hawaii. He is also a certified Universal Design and Aging in Place Specialist, which adds to the wealth of knowledge that he has attained over the years and can accommodate families with needs in accessibility designs.

As a 4th generation contractor, “I have grown up around construction and have always loved seeing a home constructed.” This love of seeing a home constructed led to an understanding of what that home actually meant for the family. Alan’s passion for construction stems from designing a home where families want to be. “Building lasting relationships with homeowners has always been an added bonus to my career and gives me the most satisfaction.”

Alan’s hobbies include spending time with his family, hiking, and fishing.

Kimi Tabangay

Kimi Tabangay

Assistant Project Manager

Kimi Tabangay is the Assistant Project Manager for Senior Project Manager Rance Tabangay. She is an integral part of keeping the Production team moving forward and is the hub of our communication with subs and vendors. The relationship she’s created with Atlas’s vendors and sub-contractors has played a big part in maintaining consistency and punctual timelines for the completion of projects. Kimi enjoys being a part of the creation and strives to meet all homeowner’s requests in the completion of building our families dream homes.

“I’m proud to know that I work for a Family Company that truly has the best interest for the families we build for.”

Kimi’s activities outside of work include spending time with family is mostly involved in each of her 4 children lives. She also coaches cheerleading for sideline and competition; she assists with coordinating fundraising for various events and school activities, and works with youth on skill building.

What others say about us

Norma J

“The entire experience was wonderful, I am so happy that I had the opportunity to build my home around my wants and needs and I am especially happy with the work that Atlas did, the quality of their finished product by far surpassed my expectations. They have something really special there, its really great that most all the people who work at Atlas are family.”

Norma JHomeownerYELP - filtered section
Craig S.

“Customer service and care was and continues to be top notch.  And quality of work was never sacrificed.  Keep up the good work Atlas Construction!  We will definitely refer you to our friends and family.”

Craig S.HomeownerYELP
Lorene L.

“The Atlas Family is that, FAMILY. They treat you like a member of their family. Everyone from the office staff (Rayna) and the construction crew are so friendly and helpful throughout the entire constrcution project. Bruce keeps everyone in line since customer service is the number one goal.”

Lorene L.HomeownerYELP
Pita P.

“Rodney came up with a plan that allowed us to keep the garage that we never even thought of. They remodeled an area that had a lot of wasted space and made it better, even adding on an extra bathroom and increasing the value of our home. I still look at this and cannot believe it is the same house. The people who works there are are all great, we loved having them around. My mom is handicapped and they would help her out when they didn’t have to. Amazing crew and even more amazing work. ”

Pita P.HomeownerYELP