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7 Feng Shui Tips for Hawaii Home Remodeling

Are you planning to make structural or design changes to your home? If so, you have a wonderful opportunity to bring more balance and harmony into your life by following some of the basic precepts of Feng Shui. Here are a few tips to incorporate into your plans:

1.  Avoid concentrating too much energy in one area of your home. Keep the elements of fire, water, earth, and metal in balance.

2.  It’s also a bad idea to allow the position of these elements to oppose each other. Energetic clashes will cause disharmony ‒ for example, a fireplace that faces in the direction of a sink or aquarium.

3.  Keep hallways to a minimum. They tend to be dim and narrow, and cause energy to become stagnant. Encourage the flow of energy in your home with open spaces wherever possible, and use mirrors and bright lighting to illuminate dark areas.

4.  Toilets can be a source of negative energy, so if you’re adding an extra bathroom, locate it so that the doors don’t align with other doors in the house.

5.  Make sure your plans include the addition of some extra storage. Simple clutter is a common source of stagnant or blocked energy, and it causes you and your family to feel unfocused and sluggish.

6.  If there are doors in the house which align, shift them. Doors that oppose each other often bring disagreements and conflicts between the people who occupy the rooms.

7.  Superimpose a sketch of your home’s floor plan over the shorthand version of a Feng Shui bagua ‒ a rectangle containing nine equal sectors. Many homes will appear to be missing one or more sectors; typically this occurs with an L-shaped building. If this is the case, build additions outward to restore wholeness to the structure. Additionally, if your home is already whole, build additions upward to maintain the balance of the rectangle.

Your home is an extension of your family and your physical selves. By using these principles as part of your remodeling plan, you’ll enhance your family’s energy and well being while you create a more livable space.

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