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3 Fallacies About Hawaii Solar Energy: What Not to Believe

Like office gossip or tabloid stories, most of the bad “news” you hear about solar power just isn’t true. Here’s our own shortlist of some popular myths that we’d like to put to rest:

1.  Solar power doesn’t work at night

Just because the sun doesn’t shine at night doesn’t mean you’re not getting the benefits of your photovoltaic system after sundown. Most often, your solar panels collect and generate enough energy in daylight to send an excess back into the local grid, which makes your meter turn backwards. This gives you credit with the power company. At the times when your panels aren’t generating energy, you’re simply using up the credit you accumulated during the day. So your PV system works for you day and night ‒ and on cloudy days, too.

2.  Installing solar panels causes roof damage

Installation of solar panels does require your contractor to drill holes in your roof. This is why you want to hire a reputable contractor to do the work. Proper installation includes bolts to keep panels secure, and metal flashing to seal and weatherproof surrounding areas. This provides ample protection from rain and wind.

If you really don’t want panels on the roof of your house, there are other options. It’s possible to mount solar panels on top of carports, greenhouses, and awnings ‒ or, if you have enough space, they can be ground-mounted to avoid the issue entirely.

3.  Solar panels are a real hassle to maintain

On the contrary ‒ solar panels take very little regular maintenance. For starters, there are no moving parts to clean or lubricate. The only attention solar panels need is some basic housekeeping. It’s probably a good idea to clean away dust or debris from the surfaces of your solar panels once or twice a year ‒ easily accomplished with a simple garden hose. Just be sure to spray the panels down early in the morning, before they start heating up, to avoid making them prone to cracking.

Don’t let anybody kid you. Solar energy is clean, safe, efficient, and affordable ‒ and the pros at Atlas Energy can put the power of the sun to work for you.

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